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have been looking for zarex raspberry? anyone know where i can find it yet?


and learned it is made at the One Pie Canning Co., Paris, ME


Hi you can Get Zarex from Most Market Baskets or Demoulas if you need help in locating it please feel free to email me and I can Help 1 i just had A glass of the Raspberry Tonight last weekk i had some fruit Punch! it is Addictive! Tom


I would love to know what Market Baskets or Demoulas carry this. I live in Massachusetts and will travel if I have to to find it!


i know were to find zarex i stumbled upon it at a marketbast in rinde nh

zguy thats a link on a zrex quick fact

Sandy Morris

Zarex was produced by One Pie Canning Maple, 2 Depot St, West Paris, ME 04289. They carried it in local stores until a few weeks before Xmas and the store managers said they pulled it from the stores.Let's all write and ask them to bring it back.


I just tried to find it at Hannaford in Saco, ME where I've purchased it before. They say it was "discontinued"... is it not being made any longer, or are they just not stocking it?

eleanor - they'll ship!


ZaRex was a good drink...much better than the competition, and if it was too sweet you needed to adjust it to your taste (just like food). It was always a great base for a fruit punch or a flavor to spice up any drink or food that needed that particular flavor. In mixed drinks (alcoholic or not) trained barkeeps like it the best because it is naturally flavored and lacked a chemical aftertaste that all of the rest have.
As far as sno-cones (shaved ice in a cup with syrup over it...the best!
If you do not mind a suggestion, I think you need to revisit and adjust the mix to your liking, every food and spice (add to taste) has its' place; if you keep an open mind we may even get you to taste Moxie again (this time, try it with vanilla bean ice-cream in a float...yum!).
ZaRex was meant as a base or syrup but it could be mixed to drink, but like any good base it is so much better with the additions(have you ever eaten lobster all by its example!). work on that, and I think your world will be soooo expanded; and like mom always said,"you're not leaving the table until you at least try it" she made things for your pleasure also, as again ZaRex is there for you a good chef, and adjust!

mike b

My future brother in law is the C.E.O of Zarex now and he is reproducing it.It's based out of Massachusetts now.


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